How to recognize a true friend

A true friend understands you on a deeper level than you may realize. They can tell you your struggles and disappointments without judgment or holding back.

They celebrate your successes as well. They are your greatest cheerleaders and they help you see the beauty of who you are right now.

1. They are honest

When you have a true friend, they are always honest with you. You can trust them to tell you the truth, even if it means they may hurt your feelings or embarrass you in front of others.

They understand what you are going through and they feel it deeply. They support you through it and encourage you to make positive changes.

2. They are trustworthy

A true friend is always trustworthy and reliable. They’ll follow through on their promises and will be there when they say they’ll be.

They’ll also be honest about the things that they notice you doing that aren’t good for you. This can be difficult to hear, but it’s important for a friendship to work properly.

3. They celebrate your successes

A true friend recognizes your achievements and is happy to congratulate you when they see you succeed.

A good friend also supports you when you are struggling or trying to achieve new goals. They step in more like a family member than a friend and do their best to help you feel good about yourself.

Another sign of a true friend is they are able to make you laugh and enjoy life. They are always there for you when you need them most, and they never let you down.

4. They aren’t jealous

Your best friend is supposed to have your back and be there for you whenever you need them.

But when you feel like they’re bringing you down in petty ways, it might be time to take a closer look at your friendship.

Jealousy can be a major problem in any relationship, especially one that’s already been rough. But you can work through it with an honest conversation and a little compassion.

5. They don’t try to change you

When it comes to recognizing a true friend, there are some things you should always keep an eye out for. For example, do they stand by you through thick and thin?

If your friend doesn’t try to help you out when it’s needed most, they probably aren’t your best bet. They are more likely to be a fair-weather friend who can only be counted on during times of joy and prosperity.

6. They aren’t phony

A true friend will never try to manipulate you. They will let you do the work to make your friendship a success.

If you are having a tough time getting over something, a true friend will listen to your story and help you get through it.

7. They aren’t selfish

A true friend is a person who cares about you and your happiness. They want to support you and share a laugh or sadness together, even when it’s hard.

They don’t expect you to give them more than they already are getting in return. They don’t try to make you feel like less of a friend because they think that would hurt them.

8. They don’t rely on you

True friendships are all about mutual respect and reciprocal kindness. Having said that, you can’t expect your friend to be there for every little thing in your life.

A true friend knows when to ask for help, and when to be a supportive bystander. They’re also the kind of people who know how to show up for you when you need it most.

9. They aren’t judgmental

A true friend doesn’t make judgmental comments about your life or other people. They see the good in others and want to help you achieve your dreams.

A true friend will stand by your side when others say bad things about you, no matter what they might face socially. They’ll also defend you if they think someone is trying to hurt you emotionally or physically.

10. They aren’t afraid to be vulnerable

When you’re not afraid to be vulnerable, it can make for a powerful relationship. In fact, Brene Brown says that feeling comfortable in your vulnerability is a sign of deep, authentic connection.

A true friend doesn’t try to hide their feelings from you or tell you that they don’t care about your personal life. Instead, they are open to getting to know you on a deeper level and share your vulnerabilities with you.