Why is important to make yourself open and available for friends

Friendships offer a sense of belonging, which is a key component of healthy emotional wellbeing. They also support us through good times and help lift us up in bad ones.

Having strong friendships can improve your mental health and lead to a longer, healthier life. But it can be difficult to cultivate and maintain them.

Be a good listener

The ability to listen is a key skill that can help you succeed in both your personal and professional life. By taking the time to listen, you can learn more about the people around you and foster better relationships.

Good listeners are aware of the importance of listening and put aside their own needs to be able to fully understand what the other person is saying. They are also able to ask questions and draw out more information from the points that their conversation partner is making.

Effective listening requires a lot of attention and empathy, which can be difficult for some people to achieve. However, it’s essential to practice and develop these skills.

Be honest

Keeping yourself honest can be difficult, especially in situations where it is tempting to lie. Lying to a friend or someone you are dating is not something that should be done and it will only serve to damage the relationship.

Honesty is important in any friendship because it makes you open and available to your friends. It gives them the opportunity to share their vulnerabilities with you and learn from your experience.

You will find that if you are able to be completely honest with your friends they will respect you more and treat you like you are their only true friend.

Being completely honest with your friends is also important because it builds trust which means they will be more comfortable sharing their personal life with you. For example, if they are going through a breakup and need your advice, be honest and give them yours freely.

Be your authentic self

It is important to make yourself open and available for friends. This means taking the time to communicate, to keep in touch and to be reliable.

You could do this by making an effort to see new friends regularly, checking in between meet ups or even inviting them to your home to have a drink and a chat.

Often people struggle to be their authentic selves because of fear. Whether it is a fear of being rejected or the pressure to conform to the norms of society, this can be a big barrier for many people.

Fortunately, it is possible to overcome these obstacles and return to being your authentic self. You just need to take the time and do some digging to uncover the beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving you.

Be a good friend

Whether you are the best friend or just have a few good friends, it is important to make yourself open and available for them. This way, you can maintain a strong friendship and ensure that each of your friends feels appreciated.

A great friend listens to you and engages with your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This will make your friendship stronger, and help you both work through any problems that may arise.

Another quality of a good friend is that they encourage you to try out new activities and hobbies. This will make you feel more comfortable and allow you to find what you are really passionate about.

No matter what your interests are, your friends will always support you no matter what. This is a sign of genuine friendship and will help you grow as a person.